Paris by night of the living dead

Harley –Davidson France were approached by Bach Films to supply Buell motorcycles for starring roles in an action packed short film. The French company Bach Films, pride themselves in the industry of short dramatic films. This particular film was aimed at being high action with many special and shocking FX. The Buells were to be ridden by the hero and heroin who in effect became zombie hunters and killers in the pursuit of survival. It would be fast motorcycle action with the hero cutting up zombies. After getting bitten by a zombie himself, the transformation into a zombie began and the heroin would find herself finally hunting and killing him !!
As part of the deal with using Buell, Craig Jones was also requested to double as the hero for the fast motorcycle action.
Craig explains …. “Using a chainsaw whilst burning out in a donut and chopping up zombies !! This is what my brief was and yes of course I agreed to it. How exciting did that sound ?”
“ Working in the movie scene is always exciting and unpredictable. Plus a great addition to my portfolio”