Luger the Movie

A German world war 2 gun with a secret and a curse ! It would seem that who ever has the gun is to be part of the curse.
Gary Douglas the producer and star of the movie, approached Harley-Davidson UK back in 2003 for support using a V-Rod for the motorcycle action scene. It was agreed and suggested that Craig Jones double for the action race scene set outside the “Ace” café in London. The race was to be between a V-Rod and a Suzuki GSXR750. Craig bought in his friend to pilot the GSXR whilst he rode the V-Rod. The race began fast and furious but then the V-Rod cut the GSXR up causing it to brake into a fast front wheel stoppie. It was at this point that Craig swapped roles in order to carry out the stoppie manoeuvre and then swapped back again to slide the V-rod out of the tunnel scene. So in fact Craig played the stunt double role of both riders.
Craig explains … “This kind of work is great to be involved in because after all is edited, the end result is well worth seeing.”

Warning. The Luger movie trailer contains some bad language