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Experience and many years in the motorcycle world is what makes Craig Jones an expert as an extreme stunt rider. To fully understand the extent of his achievements, visit www.craigjones.com . As well as being a valuable asset to any motorcycle manufacturer, Craig plans to pass on his knowledge via his schooling academy days teaching confidence and skill. Visit www.bikeskillsacademy.com for details on this very unique academy. Kawasaki have partnered with Craig in order to offer him the support that he needs to expand his schools and to also continue to show his skills at event displays in the UK and around the world. Kawasaki have a wide range of bikes to perfectly suit Craig’s disciplines.

Craig Jones’ background is an interesting one. He was born in Birmingham, England and has been riding motorcycles since the age of 14. His academic qualifications include a degree in mechanical engineering.
Craig first arrived on the scene in 1996 at the age of 26. His unique style demonstrates balance and confidence clearly defined from a motocross background. Craig is a natural showman on circuit but he has a policy of never being satisfied. With self promotion, this has lead to a constant reappraisal of his image and his shows. He began by riding Triumph, Suzuki and then a short time with Honda. In 2000 he joined Harley-Davidson/Buell and became the first rider of this kind in the world to have a recognised official factory sponsorship. He finally moved on to team up with Kawasaki in January 2010.

Countries he has performed in include … USA, Canada, Japan, Macau, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, China, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sicily, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Dubai, South Africa, Mexico, Greece, UK and Ireland.

With regard to Craig's world status, he became the European Stunt Champion in June 2002. Later that year he also accomplished his first world Record. From 119 mph, he travelled 225 metres (740 feet) on the front wheel of a buell XB9S lightning !!

In August 2003 he beat his own record. Using a new Buell XB12R, Craig carried a distance on the front wheel of 266 metres (873 feet), taking off from a speed of 210 Km/h (130 mph). Applying the front brake with such precision at such high speed, demonstrates Craig's skill and courage and once again positions him as one of the world's best. This world record still stands and is yet to be officially beat.
A new world record was achieved in 2006. Another front wheel stoppie but this time with 2 people!! At Donington Park race circuit in the UK, Craig took a Buell XB12R up to a terminal speed of 120mph with his passenger Wing Chui hanging on the front. Then hitting the front brake from this speed saw them both travel 305metres on the front wheel.

His aggressive attitude, combined with balance and skill, sets him apart from anyone else and has earned him the deserved reputation. Having the ability to commentate to the audience through a helmet microphone whilst riding, makes him so different from the rest.
Craig's success has not gone unnoticed outside of motor sport and motorcycling because in late 2000 he moved into the world of movie making, as an addition to his already busy schedule. As a stunt expert, his talents were exploited at Pinewood studios, London and were seen in the film "TOMB RAIDER". In 2002, his services were required to choreograph and act out a bike race scene in "LUGER THE MOVIE" through the streets of London.
Finally in 2005, Craig was required as a stunt double in a short French movie called "Paris by Night.Dawn of the Dead". Riding a Buell and wielding a chainsaw, Craig doubled the part of a Zombie Hunter.

In 2009, Craig set an unofficial record for the fastest man on a motorcycle on ice. On a frozen lake in the small Swedish village of Delsbo, Craig saw a top speed of 148.9mph (238km/h) on a Buell 1125R. Running on spiked tyres and an extra 50bhp boost of Nitrous Oxide injection, this speed was achieved on a 1km runway cut out of the snow covering. This exercise proved to be particularly dangerous after a steel spike shot through the underside of the bike at around 220km/h, narrowly missing Craig !!

As well as also presenting in TV motorcycle programs and appearing in many other TV programs, Craig has had countless press articles in magazines and journals worldwide. On a world scale, he has worked closely with many journalists on either bike launch events or exclusive articles. He has also worked and ridden with many professional motorcycle racers and is respected by all. He remains to be strong and versatile and will continue to progress forward.